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I’m really horny right now…

Show me pussy?

Anyone got any sexy questions? ;D

calebnathan said: Have you used a strapon?

nope :o

Anonymous said: Hi I was just wondering how old are you? If you prefer not to say I understand. Also you're very pretty, how many guys actually buy you things, cause I'm considering spending a couple hundred dollars on you just because you're cute lol :D keep up the awesome work! :)

well I’m glad you like the blog :3

I’ll tell you how old i am

but i won’t do it when you’re on anon D: sorry!

not many people…well no one xD buys me anything lol. 

Anonymous said: Coke or Pepsi?

pepsi :3

raswagmus said: I really want to see you naked..

wonder how many whores actually show you that

not happening broski

Anonymous said: I would like to see some of your personal pics, I really like your looks./Rasmus

cool story bro

Anonymous said: In response to the girl or boy thing, I'm a boy, and thanks for the consideration and not just slamming me down :) and sorry, I didn't notice you had a boyfriend.

lol it’s fineee :3

gonna go masturbate right now (;

leave me stuff?