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geeksitup said: Do you like oral, giving/receiving?


For both xD

geeksitup said: Whats your favorite position?

I don’t have one D:

I like to expiriment :3

moonyork242 said: Fav sex experience?

Fucking in the school elevator between classes.

Questions my loves? C:

Anonymous said: hey, have you ever tribbed/scissored with a girl before? what does it feel like? is it better than having regular vaginal sex with a guy?

I have but I’m honestly not the girl to go to for this.

I’m not very big into scissoring and I definetly don’t find it better. 

your amazon list

Yessss subbmission

that is my amazon list xD

here it is again.

Too everyone who is asking about phone sex and pics

Click the link.

Read the title.

thats the only way you get either.